April 3, 2018

Laser Tag Parties

Get ready for an awesome Laser Tag battle!

With the most high-tech laser tag system, the Razorback© by Adventure Sports HQ, players feel as if they’ve been thrust into a real-life battle for survival…but it’s safe…and FUN!  Imagine the thrill of combat…in your own back yard, school, park or gymnasium! 
Backyard Laser Tag
 brings high-tech, realistic “combat” action right to you!  Our Game Coach/Referee sets up the playing field, instructs and readies players for “battle” and runs the party!  You relax…and your home stays clean!

North Carolina laser tag birthday party in Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Lee County, Moore, Scotland and Montgomery County NC

Built-In Scoring!

Our amazing laser taggers are state of the art! Our re-spawn station allows players to get back in the game with more “lives” and reload with “ammunition.”  It’s high-tech, realistic fun for all ages! Our laser taggers work day or night, indoors or out!  Up to 14 can play at once, and we can rotate players through for large-group events!  We bring our amazing laser tag party right to you in the Greater Los Angeles area!

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Have a Combo Party!
The best of both worlds! Combine our Video Game Truck and Laser Tag party into an epic event!  Our game truck has the best consoles and games, and even Virtual Reality Gaming! Our amazing Laser Tag is high-tech fun day or night, indoors or out!

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