April 3, 2018

Laser Tag Equipment

The Razorback Laser Tagger by Adventure Sports HQ is the latest innovation in tactical laser tag equipment and is setting a new standard in the laser tag industry. Its sleek design in vibrant colors makes it one of the best looking taggers available. It size and weight make it appeal to every age group making it an excellent all in one solution. It has a robust set of features like built in scoring, realistic “combat” sound effects, wireless connection to our master units, amazing accuracy and more. Great for indoor and outdoor play, the Razorback Laser Tagger is quickly becoming the standard among mobile laser tag party providers.

Laser tag party in North Carolina - Backyard Laser Tag Party

Razorback Laser Taggers line the walls of our custom-built laser tag “bunker” trailer!

Our Game Coach/Referee brings all the equipment you’ll need for your party right to you…
  • 14 Razorback Taggers in “team colors!” (We can rotate players with larger groups.)
  • Pop-Up “bunker” obstacles (great for hiding in or behind!)
  • Tactical team-color vests for players
  • Camo face paint for players
  • Re-spawn Stations (players “come back to life” right on the field)
  • Our mobile “Army Bunker” trailer with seating and full climate control!
  • A Game Coach to instruct players and lead the fun (while you relax!) 
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