January 13, 2015

Birthday Parties


444The Backyard Laser Tag Party™ comes to you! Want something fun but active for the kids or big kids? Like outdoor parties but wish there was a climate controlled place to eat or take a break? We bring it all to you! Up to 14 “recruits” pile into our Army Bunker Style/Backyard Laser Tag™ Trailer, get their Camouflage Face Paint on, Special Ops vests and receive instructions from the Drill Sergeant about how to use the Taggers. Then it’s time for a funny, interactive video of final “encouragement” and the rules of play from Sergeant B.L.T (Backyard Laser Tag).

Laser Tag party in North Carolina, Moore County, Lee, Scotland, Montgomery, Fayetteville

The Laser Tag Field is set up with a variety of pop up bunkers. The recruits can play Free for All, Team Battle, VIP and other game play with 8 built-in weapon options. Each weapon battle mode includes a unique sound, has a different range, damage amount, clip size, and fire rate. At the end of the battle, we wrap up the fun by taking and printing a group picture of the lowly bunch for the honoree.

The 14 foot “bunker” features army paraphernalia on the walls and ceiling, coin flooring, Colored LED shadow box stations for The Laser Taggers, army style (weapon box) seating and room for spectators, so feel free to bring water bottles and packaged snacks for the troops! Let our Drill Sergeant take care of the party while you sit back and watch the fun!

Laser Tag birthday party in Pinehurst, Fayetteville, Moore County, Lee County, Montgomery County NC

Check out the climate-controlled “Army Bunker” Backyard Laser Tag trailer!

We even include 14 custom invitations!  (See our Downloads page for our printable invites.) Let us custom design the event you are looking for. Feel free to email us, call 910-977-2228 or book your next event now!


2 Hour Parties*:
Monday – Thursday $329
Friday – Sunday $359

2 Hour Parties with 14 Custom Dog Tags*:
Monday – Thursday $371
Friday – Sunday $391

*Plus any applicable Travel Surcharge over 30 miles from us.  See our Service Area for more information.

Additional hours $99

Click here to book a Laser Tag-Only Birthday Party!

Combination Laser Tag/Video Game Theater parties:
3-Hour Party ( 1 1/2 hours of each )
$559 (See our awesome Mobile Game Theater here! )
$99 each additional hour

Click here to book a Combination Laser Tag/Mobile Video Game Theater party!

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