January 13, 2015




Laser Tag Waiver Form

Every participant in Backyard Laser Tag™ games must have a signed waiver form. For minors (under the age of 18) a parent or adult guardian must sign the form. Please have signed forms ready for our Game Coach prior to the onset of Game Play.
(Our invitations have the waiver form right on the front – use these for guests who have not already completed one.)

laser-tag-waiver-pdf (click to download)

Laser Tag Party Invitation

Click image below to print foldable invitation.

Backyard Laser Tag™ Brochure

Download this color brochure to show guests and others about the most incredible Laser Tag party in North Carolina…
Backyard Laser Tag™!

B.L.T. Backyard Laser Tag Party Brochure 5-2014 (click to download)


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